Suicide is more common community health issue than many people realize. In Canada, 10 people every day will die as a result of suicide. For many however, talking about suicide can be a taboo topic. This stigma needs to be broken by people talking about suicide and by helping those at risk.
In many situations, suicide can be prevented. advises that eight out of ten people who die by suicide show some warnings signs that they are considering acting of their suicidal thoughts. They advise that research has identified the following eight risk factors:
• Discussing a death wish or suicide methods
• Increasing social withdrawal and isolation
• Sudden, inexplicable lightening of mood
• History of previous attempts
• Suicide by family member or friend
• Readily available means
• Addiction to alcohol or other drugs
• Serious medical problems
If you believe someone you know may be having suidical thoughts...or if you are having suicidal thoughts, take action now.
People want to help and are willing to listen about the problems you are facing. Actions to help stay safe include:
• Going in person to the hospital closest to you.
• Talking to someone 24/7 on the Distress Line of SW Alberta, 1-888-787-2880 (This service is free and confidential).
• Talking with counselors or victim service workers.
• Talking with friends and family members.
If someone you know has died by suicide you may experience shock, deep sadness, anger, confusion and grief. It can be very helpful to talk to someone you trust about your loss.