Dealing with a Traumatic Event

You or someone you know may have been involved in a traumatic event. This event may have resulted in you:

- witnessing a terrible event
- receiving an injury
- being exposed to a serious threat
- experiencing property loss
- being part of a difficult event in other ways
- losing a loved one or seeing that person receive an injury

As a result of this exposure you may experience some emotional and physical reactions, including feeling overwhelmed. It is very common, in fact quite normal, for people to experience these emotional aftershocks when they have been involved in a difficult event.

How long these stress reactions last can depend on numerous factors including the severity of the traumatic event; how closely involved you were to this event; how long you were exposed to the trauma; and how you have been effected by past traumas in your life.

These stress reactions usually pass – even more quickly when you talk about the event with someone who is important to you in your life. Sometimes talking to a professional about the event and your reactions to this event can be of assistance.

If you would like more information regarding traumatic events, please contact us.