Helpful hints for you HHHelpful hints for you after a after a traumatic event traumatic event

The reactions you are having are common, and in fact quite normal. With
understanding and support they will pass. Activities that will help with your
recovery include:
— Talking with people who are good listeners
— Expressing feelings as they arise
— Eating well balanced, nutritious, regular meals - even if you don’t feel like
— Getting plenty of rest
— Connecting with people who care about you
— Having someone stay with you if you are feeling scared
— Maintaining as normal a schedule as possible, without overdoing it
— Having a reasonable level of physical activity, without overdoing it
— Giving yourself permission to feel rotten
— Not thinking you are going crazy
— Keeping a journal to express feelings as they arise
— Not making big life changes
— Being aware that alcohol and drugs can complicate and delay your
— Talking with a professional if these feelings become too intense or too