Are you interested in volunteering to help the people in your community?
To become a Victim Services Volunteer Call 780-674-4848.

Who are our Volunteer?

Victim Services volunteers are members of our community who have chosen to donate their time, energy and skills because they share a concern for individuals who have been affected by crime and tragic circumstances. Our volunteers are men and women over the age of 18, from all cultural and educational backgrounds.

There are three ways to volunteer with Barrhead Victim Services: as an Volunteer Advocate, Volunteer Board Member or Events & Fundraising Volunteer.

What is the role of a Volunteer Advocate?

We are looking for committed, empathetic volunteers. These front line service providers work directly with victims of tragedies and crimes, as well as witnesses and family members.

Volunteer Advocates provide emotional support, practical assistance and referrals to victims, witnesses and victim’s families.

Because our Advocate Volunteers have a close working relationship with the Barrhead & Swan Hills RCMP, all Advocates must obtain an enhanced RCMP Security Clearance.

Advocate must also complete the Alberta Solicitor General Basic Advocate Training, which includes information and instruction on the Criminal Justice System, Advocate Safety, Crisis Intervention, Communication Skills, Suicide Prevention and Self Care. Advocates also attend local and provincial training events and conferences. Advocates are reimbursed for all approved training expenses.

Volunteer Advocates must:
* Successfully complete the Enhanced RCMP Security Clearance
* Commit to serving as a Barrhead Victim Services Advocate for at least two years
* Have a valid Alberta Driver's Licence
* Complete the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General VSU Basic e-learning Training
* Participate in-house and other ongoing training
* Actively participate in monthly meetings

The Mental Health of Advocate is extremely important and have FREE EAP Counselling coverage available.

Who are our Volunteer Board Members?

This governance Board is made from local community members at large from Barrhead and/or Swan Hills. The Board Member's skill sets are a contribution of various types of educational, professional and business backgrounds.

Volunteer Board Members must:
* Successfully complete a RCMP Criminal Record Check
* Commit to serving a 3 year term
* Actively participate in monthly Board Meetings
* Complete the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Board Training

What is the role of an Event & Fundraising Volunteer?

These valuable volunteers will help with fundraising events, Casinos and other public relations events. Their time commitment is pending availability for each event.

For more information and applications call 780-674-4848 or email: victimserviesbarrhead@gmail.com